Elsa Sze
Founder & CEO

Born in Hong Kong, Elsa is thankful that her parents gave her the opportunity to live and pursue her dreams in America, where our freedom and rights are treated as sacred. At a time when democracy as a form of government   is being challenged around the world, she believes we have an urgent responsibility to   fix our own democracy at home.

Therefore,  while pursuing her graduate degrees at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Elsa founded Agora to reimagine democracy in the digital era. Elsa's  experience  serving on the policy team of the Obama   campaign has further affirmed her belief in the power of ordinary citizens to change the world.

Prior to Harvard, Elsa was a management consultant at McKinsey & Co, where she worked with  financial institutions to strengthen risk management after the financial crisis.  During the crisis, Elsa worked at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC, producing briefings for G20 finance ministers. Elsa also spent a brief time at Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan after graduating from  the University of Chicago, where she  majored in Economics and Political Science .  Elsa enjoys running along the Charles River when Boston is not hit  by a blizzard, doing yoga, playing the piano, practicing meditation, and exploring the coolest brunch spots and mimosas with friends.


Lynda Negron
Growth Hacker

Lynda initially joined the team  to study Agora as the main subject of her undergraduate thesis  at  Harvard University.  Having been interested in technology and politics, Lynda is excited to  lead growth  engineering  at  Agora, which is the perfect intersection between her two main passions.    

Lynda lives and breathes startups. Prior to Agora, she was  at   Factual and Acquaintable (acquired by LikeBright),     with   roles ranging from software engineering, data science, and  marketing.  Majoring in Social Studies with a minor in Computer Science at Harvard, Lynda also spent her undergraduate life involved in a variety of advocacy organizations and the Harvard Cheerleading team. In her free time, she enjoys bar crawls, concerts, binge watching Netflix shows with her wonderful roommates, and working out.


Nada Zohdy
Program Manager

Nada Zohdy is a Master in Public Policy Candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School. Previously, she worked in Washington at the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED). As Founding Coordinator for Civil Society Partnerships, she developed POMED's capacity-building program to support 10 policy-focused civil society organizations in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Yemen. She also co-authored POMED's Guide to Policy Writing. 

At the Kennedy School, Nada has researched the divergent outcomes of the 2011 Arab uprisings with Professor Tarek Masoud, and has studied NGO management, nonviolent movements, community organizing, and social entrepreneurship. She obtained Arabic fluency as a Boren Scholar in Egypt and Morocco in 2010-11, and worked with a local women's association while in Egypt. She is particularly interested in strengthening civil society in the Arab World, recognizing the need for independent associations to hold governments accountable and to help develop responsive public policies (particularly during political transitions). In 2009 she was awarded the Harry S. Truman Scholarship for leadership and public service.


Jackie Lin
Community Manager

Jacqueline is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Government and Economics. During the school year, she is often found working with the International Relations on Campus group, Small Claims Advisory Service, and Club Archery. Outside of class and back home in beautiful New Jersey, she can be heard cheering on her favorite team, the NJ Devils, which she loves as much as she loves the idea of democracy.


Miguel Colon
Community Manager

Passionate about social justice and civic innovation, Miguel's mission  in life  is to empower  people  who  are  disenfranchised  and  voiceless.

Miguel loves working with youth. He is an Education Adviser for American Student Assistance based in Boston and has  served   as an independent consultant and campaign organizer for several City Council and Mayoral elections.  His expertise ranges from community outreach, youth development,   education, to strategic planning and project management. Miguel's  professional experience includes working with the Center for Teen Empowerment, the Gaston Institute for Latino Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston,   and the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University. 

Miguel was born in Aibonito, Puerto Rico and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He graduated from the University of  Massachusetts in Amherst with a B.A. in History and Political Science and a certificate in Latin American Studies.  Miguel resides in the Dorchester area of Boston.


Antonio Coppola
Data Scientist

Antonio is a junior studying Applied Mathematics at Harvard College. He comes from southern Italy, and spent several years studying in Hong Kong. Antonio is very excited to work at the intersection of politics and statistics, and cannot wait to see how Agora's potential will unravel in reimaging democratic participation in the 21st century.


Oleg Meleshko
Lead Developer

With a passion for   interesting challenges, Oleg is excited to be part of Agora's web development team.  Oleg is experienced in   a wide range of technologies and he is always looking for  more cool  things to learn.  Oleg  founded  GetBetUp.  Prior to Agora,  Oleg was a  developer  for Clevertech and LightIT.

Oleg graduated from Zaporizhzhya National Technical University with a Bachelor degree in Software Engineering.  He is  currently pursuing his Master's  degree in Software Engineering.  
companies and also have a bunch of projects from freelance.


Dillon Cruz
Web Developer

Dillon is a junior at Harvard College studying computer science and astrophysics. After the summer of 2014, he joined Agora as a web developer when he realized that modern democracy is outdated, which he's personally seen in the townhalls he's participated in. His passion for cultural awareness, minority rights, and long walks on the beach stems naturally from his diverse upbringing in San Diego, California. When he's not freaking out over new R&B music, Boston's inclement weather, or his machine learning homework due in two minutes, you'll probably find Dillon embarrassing himself dancing or singing on stage, or walking down a runway.


Nhu Le
Deputy  Community  Manager

Nhu Le (pronounced "new"—you're welcome to make a pun), as Deputy Community Manager at Agora, works with  partners and communities to envision and create the vibrant town halls Agora hosts.  As an immigrant and first-generation college student, she feels passionately about amplifying voices often left out of civic conversations. When not at Agora, she studies social change and development in East Asia as a sophomore at Harvard College, writes for the school newspaper The Harvard Crimson, and spends far too much time checking her email and watching Youtube make-up videos.