The Agora Pledge

As a trusted place for communities to have a civil dialogue about things that matter, we make this pledge to you:

  1. Agora townhalls are design to promote thoughtful deliberation that is grounded in facts and sound reasoning.
  2. As an independent and nonpartisan entity, Agora will not let any organizations or individuals bias or censor discussions that take place on Agora.
  3. Users providing false information about their identities will be immediately and permanently remove from Agora.

Like many people who have joined Agora, you pledge that:

  1. You commit to maintaining the civility of conversations on Agora, whether that be your own or others'.
  2. You will keep the discussion focused on the issues, the facts, and the solutions, rather than on the people who hold particular views.
  3. Information provided by you about your identity is genuine.

Ground rules

Commit to community building.

Positive change comes from having a positive attitude towards the way we work together to solve problems. Challenge others with the intent of facilitating growth. Keep the conversation constructive.

Agree to disagree.

Disagree with ideas, but do not make personal attacks or use inappropriate language. Be open to be challenged on your own ideas or biases. Keep the discussion focused on the issues rather than on the people who advocate those views.

To the point.

Be concise and precise when you create a question or comment. This will help other people engage with your input in a substantial way.

Respect others.

Don’t post anything that can be considered intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion, or age.

Be thoughtful.

Never post sensitive personal information about another user without his/her explicit permission.

No marketing.

All advertising or solicitation will be removed immediately. Violators will be banned from further participation on Agora.

No abuse.

Do not try to deceive or harm others. Don’t post anything inappropriate, offensive or illegal. Inappropriate content is anything that may offend or is irrelevant.

Cite your sources.

If your contribution to the conversation includes the intellectual property of others, please give proper attribution.

Report glitches.

Agora is still in its beta version. The app can break. If for any reason you experience any technical difficulty, please email us at Chances are that other users may be having the same issue.